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"Mastering is the final step, gluing all your elements together in perfect harmony"

You now have a finished track. The Mastering process is the final step to bring your music up to the professional level, adding in the final colour which will make your music stand out to your listeners. It is the final refinement which makes sure music is comfortable to listen to, is sound enough to match other commercial releases and all of your parts are properly glued together.

To make sure your tracks fully translates I'll use selective processing with both digital and analogue components to make sure your tracks have the desired character and hit the highest possible heights.

With the enhancement of delicate mastering, you'll be able to give your music the sound you aimed for at the very start. Fully realising your visions.

Music mastering is the final step in the music production process. It's the art of taking a recorded song and making it sound polished, professional and ready for release.

  1. Balancing the frequencies so nothing is overwhelming and the track will translate well

  2. Achieve the best loudness (LUFS) for streaming and commercial release

  3. Creating an even balance between the left and right channels for an even mix

  4. Control any Phasing issues with the left and right correlation, in the bass this will give more impact

  1. Adding console warmth and colour to your mixes

  2. Enhancing the stereo field so your tracks feel as big as possible by using of all the available space

  3. Make sure your tracks play correctly on different types of sound systems

  4. Creating the correct file types for release and testing with Apple Music software

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