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About Me

As a skilled Media Composer and Music Producer based in Manchester, I specialize in blending electronic music techniques with traditional composition to bring unique and innovative soundscapes to my work. My passion for analog equipment and digital production is reflected in my music and mixes. I am continuously learning and exploring new techniques and styles to enhance my musical abilities.

With a musical background rooted in the Lake District, I began playing piano and trumpet at a young age and eventually discovered my love for film scores during my studies in music production. My university years in Manchester gave me the opportunity to work with talented artists and bring exciting stories to life through music composition.

I have a strong portfolio of shorts, including projects with the NYFA showcased at Greenwich and Leicester Square ODEON. I have also established valuable connections with filmmakers and musicians across the UK, which I draw upon for my projects.

I am always eager to take on new and exciting projects, whether it's creating specialised music or producing professional tracks in the studio. If you are in need of high-quality music production, please don't hesitate to reach out!

Harry Binns Music at a Recording Studio, Mixing and Mastering and Film Composing
Harry Binns Music, working with artisits, recording guitar using AKG 414, recrding for studio recoding for commercial release
Harry Binns Music, setting up for Recording. Elam 251 setting up for professional recording and Mixing and Mastering working on original songs and Film Scores
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