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Film Composing


The most essential part of crafting your score is the genesis. We need to make sure that your vision aligns with my ideas for the project. We can then make sure together we craft the perfect score to compliment your project.

This is where your score begins

Working To The Film

In every project I undertake, my commitment is to bring your vision to life with meticulous dedication and extensive research. I prioritise collaboration, working closely alongside you to ensure that my compositions seamlessly enhance and elevate your project.

My versatility as a composer allows me to fluidly transition between various styles and genres, ranging from grand and immersive cinematic orchestral arrangements to the vibrant rhythms of electronic music or the heartfelt intimacy of a solo piano. I take pride in tailoring both instrumentation and mood to align perfectly with your project's unique essence and narrative.

I'm always open to exploring new sonic horizons. This may involve the innovative use of cutting-edge sound sampling techniques to introduce fresh, original elements into your project, setting it apart and making it truly one-of-a-kind.

Sound For The Cinema

I'll ensure that every composition meets the impeccable standards demanded by the high-quality sound systems on which films will be showcased. I am dedicated to working with the latest and most advanced equipment to craft scores that translate seamlessly across a broad spectrum of playback systems, ranging from smartphones to the immersive soundscapes of Dolby ATMOS cinemas.


Your audience's auditory experience will be consistently remarkable, regardless of the platform on which they engage with your project.

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