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"Writing music is the art of sculpting emotions into masterpieces to touch the lives of millions."

What's the best way to start the writing process? It doesn't actually matter, whatever process you find works will be the best for you. What can be helpful for you is guidance on developing ideas. Perhaps you have ideas for a section using instrumentation you've never used before. or you've developed great lyrics but can't find the melody. Reach out and we can work on fully deveoping your ideas into songs that reperent the best of you.

Working with you early on will make sure we ca fully realise you ideas at the next stages. So reach out now or book a video call and we can start building your music!


I'll work with you to make sure your idea's are fully realsised and get you ready to have your songs professionally recorded.

Harry Binns Music, patch bay, audio recording. Music. Film scoring composing compsition film score. Mixing and mastering

Ceci est une boîte de contact!

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