What We Do For You

Concert Hall
Concert Hall

Advertising Music

Preparing for a new product launch or business announcement. Our composers and producers will craft dedicated music to your needs. We strive to create the best possible score for your brand. We can write music for YouTube videos, TV adverts, Podcasts and Radio. The music can add a emotional heart, cinematic punch or rhythmic drive to your content which will make it stand out.

Social Media Music

We can create high quality music for your social media content. This will be mixed to work both on high quality sound systems and average smart phones so you can be sure of the sound wherever it's played. 

To your specification we can also craft music to be the correct length for your social media content so you don't have to worry about music abruptly cutting out.

Cassette Tape
Cassette Tapes

Sound Hooks

We can craft dedicated sound hooks for your content. This will be essential for consumers to identify with your brand. You can use this at the end of any media you release such as social media and promotional content. It can be integrated into apps or smart devices or be heard when customers call your business. This will become associated with your brand and improve your marketing strategies.