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How to become a professional musician 

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Writing Music



Every song has a beginning, whatever your unique process you can use your unique skills to write a song that represents a part of you and will then resonate with your listeners



Take your idea and get recording. Use mics in your bedroom, your friends house or a professional studio. The recording process may take you to new places and fuel discovery. This is where you'll get all the elements of your song ready to go

Recording Music


Mixing and Mastering

This is where I come in. I'll work with your recordings to develop them into release ready tracks. This means they'll stand out on radio, streaming platforms and all devices. I'll give your music a punch and emotion so it hits as hard as your favourite songs and sticks with your listeners



Once all that comes together, you'll be ready to take your tracks and release them with confidence. You'll be able to push them out to radio and streaming and live the success with all your following!

Music concert
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