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"Mixing Takes all of your recorded instruments and brings them together into a cohesive stereo or surround mix "

Once you've recorded your songs we can start crafting your tracks into the vision of your final release. Using dynamics effects and audio processing I'll design the space for all your parts and instrument groups. Making sure all the elements have their own space allows everything to have it's own impact. The drums won't cover up the bass, the guitar won't interfere with your vocal and the keys won't drown out anything while keeping their presence and tone. 

Through mixing we'll also add effects such as reverb and delay to add more character to your song and create more ear candy.


Mixing involves all types of production techniques, we can use various styles of processing and effects to create space, character and clarity in your song.

Mixing makes sure that all elements of your track are working together and frequencies are not fighting against each other.

Harry Binns Music, patch bay, audio recording. Music. Film scoring composing compsition film score. Mixing and mastering

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