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Unreleased Projects

This is all my work which has either not yet been released or I do not own the rights to. Please enjoy and do not share!


My first album. Written as part of an assignment for my final year of uni I was able to record this using top facilities. I strived to create a compelling musical experience, exploring multiple genres.


This is a short film from a film student which I scored as a personal project. I felt there was a lot of emotion with this which I wanted to represent. I challenged myself to complete this score in under 24 hours.

Impact Gym

This is a short advert which I scored on short notice for a filmmaker. With this project I built the score around a live drum session I recorded. 


My score to a short film for a film student at my uni which I completed last year. For this I experimented with atonal textures and synth rhythms in a score inspired by Drive 2011.

Eulogy for Angharad

A short film I was brought onto last minute by director Shayan Ali last year. This follows a eulogy at a funeral given by a brother. It's a very emotional story which was a pleasure to write for.


My second ever film project. For this I made use of a recording I had done with the Manchester Cathedral Choir. This added a great dynamic to the atmosphere and proved to be a fun challenge.

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