All projects are unique and require specialist attention, therefore this pricing list only acts as a guide and can vary between projects.

Social Media Content

Full Length Videos and Advertising

Sound Hooks

All Inclusive Extended Relationship Package

Short posts, 10 -15 seconds such as Instagram stories, will range from £30-£50.

Longer posts, around 1 minute, will range from


This will include up to 3 re-writes to make sure you are fully satisfied. 

Returning clients looking to re-use thematic ideas will receive up to a 50% reduction.

For scores to videos from 1-4 minutes we will range from £100-£500 this will depend on the length and complexity you require.

In addition working with specialised musicians will increase the pricing respectivly.

For short musical or a-tonal sound hooks crafted to specifically identify your brand we will range from


If you are looking to put out a steady stream of dedicated work we are able to offer a plan where you pay monthly for an agreed upon stream of work. 

Contact us directly to discuss your specialist deal.