Some brief information about the films I have worked on so far.

Eulogy For Angharad

While working on Hollow Shoes I was approached by our DOP who was working on the post production of his own short film and wanted to hear how I might approach the score. The film was very dark and philosophical, it had been temped with a version of the Dies Irae and I felt it needed to maintain that mood. I therefore started with some choir recordings I had previously recorded at Manchester Cathedral with Chetham's Choir. This allowed me to set the tone which I could build melodies and harmonics with using low stings and traditional Spanish guitars. 

Overall I am very please with this short and I feel that the score compliments the film well. However I do fee the second half is slightly repetitive and could benefit from developing the melodies slightly or modulating more.

My first film project was made as a part of the National Youth Film Academy's Set Ready Course. I was teamed with a group of Filmmakers and Actors and tasked with writing, shooting and producing a short film in 2 weeks. This meant that the normal approach of waiting to receive an edit of the film and doing spotting sessions was never going to be an option. At first I had to keep in close contact with the scriptwriter and director to assess the mood of the film. It was decided that the film was going to be a thriller and had to feel very claustrophobic. At this point I started to experiment with different a-tonal sounds which could be used to make the audience feel uneasy and pulsing rhythms to imply a sense offering danger.


I started to contract the structure of the score from directly from the script while the shooting was taking place. By using lots atmospheric sounds I could reasonably easily move sections and cues around for when I started receiving edits. I received the first edit only 12 or so hours before the film had to be submitted, and this was simply a video recording on my phone of the film being played out on the editing computer.

Ultimetly the score serves as slightly adding tension to a few scenes and played well for the end credits however I feel it is very under developed and badly mixed throughout the film. It struggles as the dialog volume is constantly changing and seems to be a combination of a few boom mic recordings and standard camera audio. I feel that the score lacks real substance and fails to add anything worthwhile to the film. 

Considering that the entire film was made on an incredibly short time frame with very little sleep and its a testament to all who were involved for getting this film finished by the premier. It was and incredible experience in which I learnt so many valuable lessons about both scoring to picture and how film sets work. Hopefully these skills start to show in my later works.