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Music can be vital to any media project. Whether it's film, TV, games or online content the right music can either make or break a project. Music can deliver big cinematic impact, heartfelt emotion and a clear narrative to your work giving it a fully professional feel.

On all projects I work on I dedicate time and research to make sure that your ideas are fully realised. Working closely with you to ensure that my work compliments your project. I can write in a variety of styles and genres from big bold cinematic orchestras to big band swing or intimate piano pieces. I will craft the instrumentation and the feel specifically for your project, this can also involve sampling new sounds to make your project completely original

No matter the scale of your project I will develop a professional quality score which will elevate your production value to the highest level. I am also able to work on flexible time scales, whether you have months to develop the right sound for a project or need a short film scored quickly, I can adapt to your needs.

I strive on only adding to your stories and making sure that nothing is cluttered, silence can often be the most effective type of score. I will work to make sure your stories are realised with the best musical material.

If you would like to work with me on a project please get in contact with me about your project and we can discuss pricing and time frames.

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