What Is Audio Branding?

Audio branding is essentially about creating an association between a sound and your brand. This is used frequently throughout marketing and business strategies. Take the hook from the end of McDonalds adverts or the drum hits over the Netflix logo. Some of the most effective uses of audio branding is by film production companies scoring their logos at the start of films. This makes them instantly recognisable and significantly more memorable.


Sound is one of the first senses we ever develop. Studies have shown that 6 months into pregnancy a baby will start hearing sounds and use what it hears to understand the world. This makes it one of our most powerful senses and the closest linked to recall.

"Audio ads are more memorable and motivational - they drive 24% higher recall than display ads, and are twice as likely to lift purchase intent."

   Spotify for Brands report, 2020

Audio additionally has the great advantage of not needing to be directly engaged with, it can be overheard or in the background while consumers are undertaking other tasks. This is effective with radio and podcasts, 79% of audio association takes place while consumers are involved in other tasks which would usually distract the visual.

To use audio branding effectively a brand needs to find a sound which can be synonymous with its brand image. This works much in the same way a melody or leitmotif would work in a film score, Indiana Jones or James Bond can be instantly identified with their character themes. We will strive to create this association for your brand, whether its a unique tone or a musical phrase, we will design the appropriate sounds to help you brand grow further.

The audio industry is currently in a rapid state of growth. with the rise in popularity of podcasts, smart speakers and headphones being a necessity for most people this is the ideal time to build your brands audio image 

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